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Firefox 3.0.10 now available!

As part of the Mozilla Corporation’s ongoing security and stability process, Firefox 3.0.10 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users as a free download from We strongly recommend that all Firefox users upgrade to this latest release. If you already have Firefox 3, you will receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours. This update can also be applied manually by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu. For a list of changes and more information, please see the Firefox 3.0.10 release notes.

Firefox 3.5 beta 4 released for testing!

Firefox 3.5 beta 4 is now available for testing. This milestone is focused on testing the core functionality provided by a number of new features and changes to the platform. You can follow along with planning at the Firefox 3.5 planning center as well as at, and in the #shiretoko channel. New features and changes include: 70 languages, Private Browsing Mode, TraceMonkey performance improvements, Location Aware Browsing using new geolocation web standards, and support for native JSON and web worker threads, among other things.

Firefox 3.5 beta 4 is a public preview release intended for developer testing and community feedback — please read the DevNews announcement and the release notes before installing this beta.

Add-ons meetup in Mountain View, May 26

On May 26th at 7pm Mozilla will be hosting an Add-ons meetup in Mountain View, California. Pizza and refreshments will be served, and we’ll be giving presentations about what’s happening in the add-ons world both now and in the near future. The meetup will be taking place at Mozilla HQ at 1891 Landings Dr, Mountain View, CA, and please RSVP if you plan to attend — any schedule or venue changes will be sent to people on the RSVP list. If you can’t attend in person, virtual participation will be possible via, phone, and IRC.

Jumpstarting the Firefox 3.5 launch team!

The Mozilla Marketing team had an overwhelming response to their call for volunteers for Firefox 3.5 marketing help. “Over 130 people from Argentina, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Macedonia and more heeded the call! Our truly worldwide team will jump in on several marketing activities including public relations, events, and testimonials.” Starting soon, a series of online workshops will be held to discuss what’s being planned for each area, how you can contribute, how to go about it and, of course, to answer questions and brainstorm. The sessions will be held via Air Mozilla and archived for people who can’t attend the live sessions. The full schedule is available on Mary’s weblog, where more information will be posted about each workshop.

Trademarks: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Harvey Anderson has written an interesting post in which he talks about Mozilla trademarks, the various ways they’re used and abused, how those are categorized, and what we do about it. “The cases seem to fall into three different categories that I’ll nominally call the good, the bad, and the ugly. When we receive reports or identify problematic activities, we ‘exercise due diligence, care and prudence’ all of which means we analyze the reports and treat each case differently based on the intent and severity of the matter.” See Harvey’s full post for all the details.

Security: Measure what matters

Browser security is increasingly important as everyone wants to know they are safe when it comes to security. A growing number of groups are attempting to compare browsers based on their security record, which is great news — users are more informed than ever, and browser vendors have a better idea of where they stand and how to improve. Johnathan Nightingale writes, “The thing to watch when you’re measuring software security, though, is that you’re measuring the things that matter. We’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating: if you measure the wrong things, you encourage vendors to game the system instead of actually making things better.” Johnathan’s article goes on to discuss the three elements that make for a good security metric, and what this means both now and in the future.

What is a hybrid organization?

Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, has started a conversation about hybrid organizations. “Every time the hybrid term drops, it begs (or I get asked) the question: hybrid of what? I figured the time has come to push on this question with a little series of posts about hybrid orgs and why they matter. Over the next couple of weeks, I want to ask a few questions about this new territory. Why do these hybrid organizations matter? What challenges do they face?” Read Mark’s complete post at his weblog and get involved with the discussion.

Community store: 114 t-shirts and counting

The Mozilla Community Store opened late last year with around 60 designs. The exciting news is that there are now 114 different Mozilla-themed shirts available. John Slater writes, “Most of the new shirts feature Firefox-inspired artwork contributed by our design community, but we’ve also seeded it with logos from other Mozilla projects such as Camino, Bugzilla, Sunbird and SUMO. The idea is to be as participatory as possible, and to make sure the store has something for everyone.” You’re invited to check out the huge variety of designs on the Community Store and, if you can’t find anything you like, contribute your own!

Focus manager How To

The way focus works in Gecko has changed, as there is now a single focus manager service which handles everything related to it. “It keeps track of the topmost top-level window (called the active window), and the child frame window where the focus currently is located. For instance, if something within a particlar tab is focused, then the acitve window is the chrome browser window containing it and the child frame window is the DOM ‘window’ loaded within the tab.” Neil Deakin has written a “Focus How To” explaining these changes and giving developers a guide to how things work with the new system.

Undo Close Window has landed

Paul O’Shannessy writes, “I’m happy to announce the landing of Undo Close Window. This adds a menu and keyboard shortcut for reopening your previously closed windows. By default we store 3 windows (though sometimes more due to special cases involving pop-up windows).” For more information about this new feature, see Paul’s blog post where he gives a quick history of the feature and links to the relevant bugs if you want to dig into the code or other details.

Mozilla Foundation team priorities

Earlier this month, the Mozilla Foundation team held a virtual work week to go over its priorities for the year. “Mostly this was about refining ideas we’d already discussed in the past, and making some choices about where our small four person team could have the most leverage and impact.” Some of the high level goals that emerged from that meeting are: Communications, Community, Programs, and Organization. Mark Surman’s blog post goes into a lot more detail, including some of the activities the team is pursuing towards achieving these goals. As always, Mark is looking for feedback, so check out his blog post and get involved with the conversation.

Developer calendar

For an up-to-date list of the coming week’s Mozilla project meetings and events, please see the Mozilla Community Calendar wiki page. Notes from previous meetings are linked to through the Calendar as well.

About about:mozilla

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